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In case if everyone’s wondering, there were characters, concepts, and ideas that were scrapped before the first Epic Mickey game was created; even Scrapper Mickey didn’t make it.
First of all, as seen in the confession image, the Storm Blot was originally the true antagonist of Epic Mickey before it got scrapped. As you can see, it’s actually Oswald as the Shadow Blot. From what it’s said, Oswald actually sided with the Blot to get revenge on Mickey. The Blot somewhat possessed him, even though Oswald was dead set on gaining new power. However, the idea of the Storm Blot was rejected in favor of making Oswald the main deuteragonist.
Second, I’m pretty sure that all of you know that Scrapper Mickey is the “evil” Mickey that went down the Thinner path.
Third and finally, the Jumblers were supposedly the enemies for the game. They’re spider-like Beetleworx made up of many parts of familiar Disney characters. I believe they were scrapped due to having too much of a grotesque and dark appearance.
So, what the submitter is saying is that since that lots of characters for the game were scrapped, they should be in the game and be the enemies.